The Drexel Digital Museum Project (DDM) is an international, interdisciplinary group of researchers focused on production, conservation, and dissemination of new media for cultural heritage. Collaborators include: Drexel’s Colleges of Media Arts & Design, Computing and Informatics, the Digital Public Library of America, the Hagerty Library iDEA E-Repository, and the Fox Historic Costume Collection; Seoul National University; École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne; the Fulbright Foundation; and the Costume Society of America. CLICK ON THE IMAGES BELOW TO VIEW OBJECTVR 3D INTERACTIVE IMAGES – Costuming the Metaverse

James Galanos, Silk Organza Beaded Evening Gown, Fall 1957

Evening gown. Silk organza with polychrome glass beads. Fall 1957. Image Collection: Drexel Digital Museum. DDM_Galanos_James_06. Object Collection: The James G. Galanos Archive at Drexel University
Gift of Mrs. John Thouron.

James Galanos, Evening Suit 1984

Evening suit. Black and white wool with leather and mink. Fall 1984. Image Collection: Drexel Digital Museum. DDM_Galanos_James_04. Object Collection: The James G. Galanos Archive at Drexel University.

James Galanos, Afternoon Dress, 1976

James Galanos. Afternoon dress. Silk chiffon. Fall 1976. Image Collection: Drexel Digital Museum. DDM_Galanos_James_05. Object Collection: The James G. Galanos Archive at Drexel University.

Our team has created prototype 3D interactive media, OBJECTVR , that allow the viewer to be an active participant in the exhibition of historic fashion. These images may be displayed at up to 3 times life size and re-purposed as HTML5 to display on the world wide web.  Rich metadata descriptions, mapped to current standards of archiving, of these media ensure their persistent discovery, access and conservation.  View more ObjectVR:

ObjectVR installation. James Galanos: Design Integrity. October 19- December 8, 2018, January 8-27, 2019, Leonard Pearlstein Gallery, Drexel University.

We also use GigaPan technology to make panoramas of historic spaces. We plan to integrate the ObjectVR files into the panoramas for virtual exhibition.

Animation: DDM Evening gown. Helena Rubinstein. c. 1930. Image Collection: Drexel Digital Museum Project. Object Collection: Fox Historic Costume Collection. 64.94.19. Gift of Mrs. Larry Stage.

The pattern-making, rendering and animation for the project above were realized using the Digital Clothing Suite, a software developed by the Digital Clothing Center, College of Engineering, Seoul National University, South Korea,and as part of an MOU between their lab and the Drexel Digital Museum Project,Westphal College, Drexel University. The project was funded by a ‘Digital Clothing Technology Development’ grant awarded by the Korean Ministry of Knowledge and Economics. MORE DIGITAL CLOTHING

Hubert d’Givenchy. Evening gown. 1963. Image Collection: Drexel Digital Museum. Object Collection: Fox Historic Costume Collection. 69.11.1. Gift of Her Royal Highness Princes Grace (Kelly) of Monaco

Geoffrey Beene. Evening gown and jacket. 1980s. Image Collection: Drexel Digital Museum. Object Collection: Iris Barrel Apfel.

Charles James. Evening gown. 1948. Image Collection: Drexel Digital Museum.Object Collection: Fox Historic Costume Collection. 64.35.2. Gift of Mrs. William S. (Babe) Paley.

The gowns above were originally imaged and displayed as Quick Time Virtual Reality movies. Apple stopped supporting QuickTime in 2010 and eventually the .mov files generated by QuickTime were so longer able to be played on most browsers. Because of the best practices standards we employed in the original imaging, we were able to re-purpose the files as plugin free MP4.